Defining Creativity

When people think of creativity, they often think of art. But a chef who cooks up a tasty stew also gives us masterful creativity. A team captain who strategizes a winning play is creative too. So what exactly is creativity?

Here’s a definition we like: creativity is using our imagination and expressing originality through music, speech, art, science, sport, cooking or any possible means. But we don’t need to do incredible things everyday to show our creativity! As adults, we actually make creative decisions all the time: from choosing an outfit and writing an e-mail, to cooking a meal and sorting our schedules. Our freedom to choose creates opportunities for us to show our originality. So let’s give the same to our kids. Even if we leave them to simply pick out a shirt to wear or a song to play, these choices help them build confidence in their preferences, interests, thoughts, and ultimately, themselves.

At GummyBox, we purposefully leave room for kids to take the lead in the creation process. What we strive toward is for kids to show us their raw creativity and feel proud of their original work. So what does creativity mean to you? What do you do to bring it out at home?