Keeping Kids Busy At Home

Dear parents, 

With schools currently closed in Singapore, we understand the struggle of keeping active, curious kids inside. We’re so thankful that online resources are abundantly available. We’ve compiled a short list of great, mostly free online resources, curated especially for younger kids.

We’ve also put together a list of activity ideas for you to try out in between subject learning. We know these activities take work — and not everything will be doable! — but we hope you’ll find a few workable ideas. Please note that these suggestions are aimed for kids 4-9 years old.

  1. Build a life-sized robot with boxes and paper
  2. Learn about an animal a day on National Geographic Kids
  3. Write and decorate letters to your loved ones
  4. Play a board game (some options here)
  5. Have a dance party
  6. Make and play with play dough
  7. Learn to fold cool origami things
  8. Set aside time to read each day
  9. Plant herbs in pots and observe them growing
  10. Write a short story and illustrate it
  11. Draw a self-portrait
  12. Declutter old toys and clothes to give away
  13. Experiment with paper mâché
  14. Make a fort using pillows and blankets
  15. Learn or practice a language with the Duolingo app
  16. Play pretend camping indoors
  17. Follow a kids yoga lesson on YouTube
  18. Work on a puzzle
  19. Make and fly paper airplanes (ready-made option here)
  20. Write a letter to put in a time capsule
  21. Build a Lego masterpiece
  22. Do a science experiment from Steve Spangler
  23. Spend 20 minutes each day learning something new
  24. Set up an indoor obstacle course
  25. Make popsicle puppets for a favorite story
  26. Build a sprawling town using boxes and cardboard
  27. Bake or cook together (or pretend bake with us)
  28. Make a diorama
  29. Help with chores around the house
  30. Play “I Spy” around the house
  31. Take a walk outside (while still social distancing!)
  32. Make flashcards to practice numbers, letters or languages
  33. Clean and sanitize the house together
  34. Make and paint sculptures using recycled materials
  35. Train to become a superhero
  36. Learn about a new country each day
  37. Go on an a scavenger hunt
  38. Build a reading cave with chairs and blankets
  39. Go on virtual museum tours with Travel & Leisure
  40. Play a game of Simon Says
  41. Listen to children’s stories on Audible

We’ll continue updating our posts to provide you with more ideas and resources, whether it comes from us or other sources. Please feel free to share any helpful links in the comments below. These are extraordinary times and as we carry on, please don’t forget that your self-care is important too. Create a daily schedule for your kids that includes quiet time, reading time, screen time, and any other time that keeps your kids occupied on their own. Keep at it, moms and dads! You’re champs and we hope, if anything, this family time will create bonding memories.

Wishing you health and peace,

The GummyBox Team